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General Plumbing

Find a good plumber before you need one. Call us today@ 0418 761 792 to book your expert plumber in surrounding areas of Strathalbyn, Macclesfield and Ashbourne to Nairne, Callington and beyond.

Maintenance Repairs

There is a very old saying A stitch in time saves nine it is very true. If you neglect a maintenance service just to avoid your expenses for now then remember one thing down the line it will cost you much more.

Hot Water

Michael Lewis Plumbing Repairs Strathalbyn has been installing and repairing hot water system in Strathalbyn for over twenty years. We have the license and the expertise to tackle any water issues you'll encounter.

Drain Laying

The Home Building Act says you must have a license to try and do any fitting, except things like replacing over cylinders, which means not solely putting in a hot water system or a heater requires a license.

Septic Tank Installations

If you have been searching for reliable and cheap drain solutions throughout Strathalbyn, you must have been looking for the team here at Michael Lewis Plumbing.


It is never a pleasant experience once a septic tank breaks, and there's often an incredible amount of pressure to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible.

Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom renovations are our specialty. We will advise the most intelligent layouts to maximize your available space, as well as the best fixtures and fittings to fit your budget and add worth to your home.

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