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Why do you need a licensed Gas Fitter?

So the question on your mind is ‘Do I need a licensed Gas Fitter?’ yes, you do!

Not solely is doing all your own gas work illegal, however anyone who doesn't have a license who is providing to try and do your work .Must be reported .The Home Building Act says you must have a license to try and do any fitting, except things like replacing over cylinders, which means not solely putting in a hot water system or a heater requires a license, but a kitchen stove relocation also require a license. Often, the character of the work could appear straightforward, and also the appliance could appear in smart operating order, but only an expert technician will know what exactly the issue is. You will need an authorized workman for any and every one connections, alterations, extensions or repairs, even to flues.

All of this work needs an authorized contractor like Michael Lewis Plumbing to try and do the duty then offer truthful commerce with a Certificate of review or Certificate of Compliance. So no matter the scale and price of the work, or whether or not your premises is residential, business or industrial, you need to contact a specialist like Michael Lewis Plumbing. Our gas fitters in Strathblyn are fully insured. So if our work is not satisfactory you get your claim.

But the most important reason for calling an expert is that gas work will be extraordinarily dangerous, and you would never want to risk your family. An apprentice workman in authority, who was left acting on his own for a time in an exceedingly trench, fell unconscious and died of cardiopathy once cutting into a live main.

So if you smell gas on your property, contact an authorized workman like Michael Lewis Plumbing right away. LPG concentrations as low as two can ignite in air, gas travels on floors to settle in low spots, and in higher concentrations this cyanogenic substance can cause asphyxiation. Only authorized gas contractors like Michael Lewis Plumbing have the abilities, the gear and also the data to figure with gas safely for you, your family and your home.

  • Assessing potential hazards of the work to make sure acceptable superintendence
  • Uninflected the gas offer and drain line-gas pressure to safe levels
  • Assessing and making certain ventilation and different safety issues are given due attention
  • checking that potential sources of ignition – as well as static – are controlled

So once obtaining trades people to try and do any style of work for you, you must perpetually certify you're handling a legitimate business, and fascinating those that have the proper qualifications and perceive their responsibilities with the law, as licensing standards embody not solely work practices and installation however conjointly instrumentation.

You can do a pursuit on-line to see a tradie or business’s credentials, or just rest assured that Michael Lewis Plumbing may be a totally authorized drainer and workman who is prepared to assist you along with your project!

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