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Bathroom renovations are our specialty. We will advise the most intelligent layouts to maximize your available space, as well as the best fixtures and fittings to fit your budget and add worth to your home. Renovations are disruptive, there’s no escaping that truth, however our skilled team take each precaution to respect your home, time and private house to minimize the consequences of your renovation work. Home renovations will be stressful and overpriced unless you have got the correct contractor. Things can (and do) go wrong, inflicting loss of your time and cash. Michael Lewis Plumbing is the place to incorporate your team of knowledgeable contractors. Whether your home renovation is cosmetic or a serious gut-job, we do it all!

Also, if you're the proud owner of a heritage or stone bungalow in need of home renovation, alteration or salt-damp repair, Michael Lewis Plumbing can use trusty and ancient building techniques to get the task done right. You can be assured of fantastic results among an affordable timeframe. The quality transformation can stand the test of your time.

With over twenty years of experience within the Building industry. Michael has designed and engineered several bathrooms. Attention to detail trendy bathroom that complement and enhance the house. Many consumers still relish the "Ambiances" of the bathroom. Whether it is a full bathroom renovation or simply updating you’re existing, call Michael Lewis Plumbing for all your bathroom plumbing needs in Strathlybn and see what we can do for you.

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Full bathroom renovations that are all we do – quality bathroom renovations at a budget worth. 15 years expertise suggests that we understand quality and that we know what product to produce at a budget worth. We handle your bathroom renovation from begin to end, with most jobs taking solely 2-3 weeks - guaranteed. We provide you with a set worth before we begin, which suggests that the worth is fixed - no nasty extras. We will do your bathroom upgrade for you on time and on budget – guaranteed.

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